Bench Your Inner Judge

Bench Your Inner Judge

How did you speak to yourself this week? Are you holding yourself in contempt?  I have named my inner judge Judge Judy.  I like to think of her as someone outside of myself, like a character and the voice in my head who is the cause of most of the misery in my life.  Our […]

Busting Urges

bursting urges

Why do we desire food when we aren’t hungry? I have struggled with my weight for most of my adult life.  I white knuckled my way through ALL. THE. DIETS.  Joined the trendy program and for a few weeks or months cracked down from a place of misery and deprivation and lost a few pounds, […]

Our Relationship with Food

Our relationship with food

Food is a necessary part of life. We literally cannot live without it. But for many of us, our relationship with food is complicated and tied to our emotions.  This can be due to how food was treated when we were children, watching our parents or family’s relationships with food, social norms, or emotional eating […]