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As a single mom raising two kids & managing a career while dealing with midlife changes, I knew I was turning to food in a way that was not serving me.  On the outside I was the “gal who had it all,” but on the inside I was depressed and ashamed of my size.  I had lost sight of my once confident self and desperately wanted out from under both the physical and mental weight of my food obsession.  But I felt powerless to change. 

I know how it feels to eat my feelings.

And to be an expert at beating myself up over it.

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At age 50 I was heavy and depressed.  I was using food for everything but fuel for my body.  I had joint pain, low energy, digestive and sleep issues.  I edited myself from family memories, either hiding from the camera or strategically placing something in front of me.  My commute most days included a drive thru to numb the stress of my day.  My brain was consumed- with the urge for food, disgust over my weakness, or obsession with other people’s sizes (I missed entire Friends plotlines because I was focused on how thin Jennifer Aniston was.)

I tried All. The. Diets.

White knuckling it to lose 20lbs to gain 25.


My life loop looked like this

I desperately wanted to change but was overwhelmed and pissed off at the thought of yet another misery diet.

Then, I found coaching.

 I asked the question no diet was asking…what was causing my urge to overeat in the first place?  I learned my brain was behaving exactly as it was designed (I’m not broken!) and that my thoughts were creating my results.  I started looking at myself with curiosity and love.  I became my own BFF and benched Judge Judy. I realized that awareness was the only change agent I needed and untrained my brain!

I saw amazing results.  I curbed my sugar cravings, my aches disappeared,  my sleep improved, and I lost 35 pounds.  I stopped judging myself and checked back into my life.  I found my confidence and started a business.  People not only noticed my lighter appearance, but how much lighter and at ease I seemed in my own skin. 

And guess what?

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You can do it too!

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